The monkey-eating eagle or commonly known in the Philippines as the Philippine eagle is endemic to this southeast Asian country’s rainforests. This magnificent eagle stands around 3 feet, but unfortunately it is one of the critically endangered animals in the world. Despite it being a rare, large and powerful bird in the world, many people haunt it for its talons and meat. The increasing population of the country is one reason why it is nearing extinction because they are starting to lose their natural habitat. Good thing the Philippine law marks down those people who kill these rare species and is punishable up to 12 years in jail and heavy fines. Just like how you want to learn more about the Cloud9 Electronic Cigarette Reviews, you must learn more about these endangered animals before they become extinct.

The monkey-eating eagle is typically covered with long brown feathers that form a shaggy crest. The feathers somehow resemble a lion’s mane as such it is said to be the king of the skies. They are known to roam around the islands of Luzon, Samar, Leyte and the whole of Mindanao; the largest being in Mindanao. In that sense, you can find diverse eagle reserves that protect this endangered animal from extinction. Literally there are only hundreds of eagles left and the race to rescue them is only starting. One way for you to save them is lowering air pollution by reducing the use of tobacco cigarettes and replacing them with Cloud9 Electronic Cigarettes.

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